Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Most Divine Bakers Twine

Don't you just love Bakers Twine? It can be used on so many different projects and is so many ways. So, what can be even better than Bakers Twine, well just that it comes in 12 gorgeous colours.

We are also now stocking small wooden reels which are the ideal storage solution for your bakers twine, or your ribbons.

If you would just love all 12 colours of our bakers twine but don't want 10 metres of each, we are now offering all 12 colours of bakers twine in just 5 metres, in the shop under Special Offers.

We will shortly be sponsoring several blogs with a chance to win some scrummy ribbons and bakers twine in the next few weeks so check back here for an update for your chance to join in and win.

Keep smiling :)

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